CNC & Conventional Machining

Dora Makina; Dora works with 2 shifts employing more than 110 person with 7/24 hours makes CNC & conventional machining.

Dora has capability of machining different kinds of materials like aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, various grades of steel, magnesium, precise casting,all engineering plastics, etc. in accordance with related standarts and customer requirements utilizing mostly 5 axis CNC machines and high technology turning and milling machines. Total number of machines are 46.  

All manufacturing is made by using programs that are prepared by CAD/CAM applications. All fixture, test equipment, special cutting tools and gauges are designed and manufactured by Dora. 

Using ERP program, all production information data is collected in corporate storage. In this way, same parts are manufactured in different time perios with same quality and assuring sustainability of production. 


ABOUT USDora MakinaCevat Dündar Cad. No:135 Ostim 06370 Ankara / Türkiye
0312 354 0710