As Dora Makina, we started to the activity with individual competence and experiences of our founder and partners in conventional machining field in 2004.

We are maintaining our activities with CNC machining centers, CMM machines, 3D Scanner, precise leveling microscopes and many supportive machines in 12000 m² closed fields in Ankara Ostim Industry Area.

We are serving towards aerospace and space industry, energy and medical sectors in the scope of indigenization activities which is the priority of our country.

We are producing machine-equipment, section and substitute parts whose special materials are metal or non-metal, graphite, plastic, etc. with staffs who are experts in their job in compliance with standards which are requested.

We highly pay attention to quality assurance from raw material to the final product delivery with our consciousness about necessities of sectors which we serve and precision of products which are manufactured

After membership of our country was officialized to the European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN) in May 2015, we were the first Turkish company who makes business with CERN by proving business capability and infrastructure competence. We are keeping serve many abroad companies, especially to CERN.

We keep going on our design and R&D activities with our equities. Further, we provide the first prototype manufacture and then serial manufacture by contributing to the design and R&D works of our customers.

With proud of works that we do

  • Our new investments which are technology oriented,
  • Our competent team who works in team spirit,
  • Our customer sensitivity and
  • With our superior quality production

We are ready for domestic and international cooperations in the way of becoming your strategic business partner


Our mission is that contributing to the reduction of foreign dependency of the sector by making serves and solutions which are technology-oriented for requirements of our costumers who have activities in space and aviation sectors in our country. Also, it is that applying our acquired technical competence and technological capabilities to the civil sector by managing this process in accordance with our quality and timely delivery targets.


Our vision is that being a reliable leader company which is identified with customer pleasure and quality focus, representing our country by increasing our recognition in the international markets, manufacturing more production to the overseas with our competent human resources and high-tech machines-equipments.



Dora Makina; we commit that we will manufacture our products in a team spirit with continuous improvement based work and total quality consciousness by following the technology and keeping customer satisfaction at top level; will work with all our effort for being a sample firm in this field by raising the awareness of our staff to the environment, occupational health and safety; will set a system that provide continuous trainings, developments and motivations of our staff.


  • Team Work: We are a team which gathers its technical knowledge and capabilities with a team spirit to reach customer expectations and company targets, creates value together, proud of what we do, aims to be a leading firm in its field.
  • Responsibility: We work respectfully and responsibly with firms which we interact within all our process, maintain our activities by surely taking into consideration their impact on our country and environment.
  • Ethic and Reliability: We organize our relationships with all companies that we interact with making no concessions in work ethic and honest working principles, provide consistency between promises and realizations. Trustworthiness is our irreplaceable.
  • Solution Oriented: We work in a planned way by analyzing measurable and concrete results, see the experienced difficulties as problems that need to be solved, make solutions which are customer oriented without compromising quality and reliability.
  • Quality Oriented and Being Stable: We do best for our customers in all conditions by responding with quality and stability to their demands and expectations.
ABOUT USDora MakinaCevat Dündar Cad. No:135 Ostim 06370 Ankara / Türkiye
0312 354 0710